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Table 5 The patient’s scores on the WCST at two weeks after admission T0

From: Case report: cognitive performance in an extreme case of anorexia nervosa with a body mass index of 7.7

Wisconsin Card Sorting Test Raw scores Standard scores Percentiles
Trials administered 128   
Correct 78   
Errors 50 79 8
Perseverative Responses 52 55 < 1
Perseverative Errors 36 65 1
Non-perseverative Errors 14 94 34
Conceptual level responses 61   
Categories Completed 1   < 1
Failure to Maintain Set 4   < 1
  1. WCST standard scores (in relation to years of education): Standard scores greater than three standard deviations below the mean are considered in the severely impaired range (less than or equal to 54); 55 to 61 are in the moderately-to-severely impaired range; 62 to 69 are in the moderately impaired range; 70 to 76 are in the mildly-to-moderately impaired range; 77 to 84 are in the mildly impaired range; 85 to 91 are in the below average range; 92 to 106 are in the average range; standard scores equal to or greater than 107 are in the above-average range
  2. Note. The standard score for non-perseverative errors was average since most of her errors were perseverative