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Table 4 The public’s knowledge related to mental health in Tianjin

From: Mental health stigma and mental health knowledge in Chinese population: a cross-sectional study

1. Mental health is an integral part of health.99.01.0
2. Mental illnesses result from something wrong in thought.75.025.0
3. Most people may have a mental problem, but they may not notice the problem.97.72.3
4. Mental illnesses are all caused by stress.69.730.3
5. Mental health includes normal intelligence, stable mood, harmonious relationships, and good ability to adapt and so on.95.64.4
6. Most mental illnesses cannot be cured.43.256.8
7. If you suspect that you have mental problems or mental illnesses, you should go to a psychiatrist or psychologist for help.89.910.1
8. Individuals at any age can have a mental problem.95.44.6
9. Mental illnesses or psychological problems cannot be prevented.59.440.6
10. Even though a person is diagnosed with a severe mental disorder, he/she should take medication for only a short period rather than continuously for a long term.46.054..0
11. An optimistic attitude towards life, good interpersonal relationships and a healthy lifestyle are helpful to keep a good mental health.98.21.8
12. Persons with a family history of mental disorders have a higher chance to develop mental disorders or mental problems.82.117.9
13. Mental problems in adolescents do not influence their academic achievement.24.875.2
14. It is less likely to have mental problems or disorders in middle or old age.48.751.3
15. Someone with an unstable temperament is more prone to have mental problems.86.713.3
16. High psychological stress or major life events could induce mental problems or disorders.94.45.6