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Table 2 Percentage frequencies of those who did and did not agree with the suicide prevention myths

From: Belief in suicide prevention myths and its effect on helping: a nationally representative survey of Australian adults

 AgreeDo not agree or no view
Suicide myth%95% CI%95% CI
Suicide happens without warning.41.539.2, 43.858.556.2, 60.8
There is a risk that asking someone about suicide will make them start thinking about it.30.528.4, 32.669.567.4, 71.6
There is a risk of making the situation worse if I try to help someone who is thinking about suicide.29.427.3, 31.570.668.5, 72.7
Most suicides occur without any sign.26.724.7, 28.873.371.2, 75.3
People who make suicidal threats rarely kill themselves.23.621.8, 25.676.474.4, 78.2
Once a person has made up his or her mind about suicide, no one can stop him or her.11.510.2, 12.988.587.1, 89.8
If someone wants to kill themselves, it is his or her own business and we should not interfere3.52.7, 4.496.595.6, 97.3