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Table 1 Database Search Strategy in Medline, Embase and PsycInfo

From: The neuropsychiatric effects of vitamin C deficiency: a systematic review

  Vitamin C deficiency Neuropsychiatric effects
Title and Abstract Keywords (not indexed) scurvy or ascorbic acid deficienc*or hypoascorb* or scorbutus or vitamin c deficienc* or avitaminosis c or ascorbic acid level or ascorbic acid concentration or vitamin c level or vitamin c concentration or hypovitaminosis c mental illness or mental disorder* or anxi* or obsess* or compuls* or neurosis or neuroses or neurotic* or schizophren* or paranoi* or psychosis or psychoti* or cataton* or hysteric* or hysteria or bipolar or mania or manic or depress* or deliri* or neurobehavioural or neurobehavioral or neuropsychiatr* or behaviour* or behavior* or irritab* or dementia* or hypochondr* or hypochondria*
Medline (MeSH heading) “ascorbic acid deficiency”[mh] Mental disorders [mh:noexp] or “anxiety disorders”[mh] or “Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other or Psychotic Disorders”[mh] orcatatonia [mh] or hysteria [mh] or “Bipolar and Related Disorders”[mh] or “Mood Disorders”[mh] or “Neurocognitive disorders”[mh] or “neurobehavioral manifestations”[mh:noexp] or “behavioral symptoms”[mh] or “irritable mood”[mh] or hypochondriasis [mh]
Embase (Emtree heading) ‘ascorbic acid deficiency’/exp ‘mental disease’/de or ‘anxiety disorder’/exp. or ‘schizophrenia spectrum disorder’/exp. or
‘catatonia’/exp. or ‘hysteria’/exp. or ‘disorders of higher cerebral function’/exp. or ‘behavior disorder’/de or ‘behavior’/exp. or ‘irritability’/exp.
PsycInfo headings Exp Ascorbic Acid Given the relatively small number of hits for ascorbic acid and the associated title and abstract terms, mental illness terms were not specifically searched