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Table 1 Demographic Characteristics of Participants

From: The psychometric properties of PHQ-4 anxiety and depression screening scale among out of school adolescent girls and young women in Tanzania: a cross-sectional study

 n = 2426%
 Mean (±SD) 
Age (Years)19.7 (2.5)
Age (Years)
Education level
 No formal/Incomplete primary education58324.0
 Primary school136456.2
 Complete/incomplete secondary school47919.7
Marital status
 Married (polygamous/monogamous/cohabiting)122450.5
 Formerly-married (separated/divorced/widowed)1636.7
Family composition (Lives with)
 Alone/ younger siblings/employer512.1
 Parents/relative/ elder siblings118849.0
Ever had children
Living in TASAF householdsa
Ever went to bed hungry due to lack of foodb
Anxiety symptoms (GAD-2 ≥ 3)82133.8
Depression symptoms (PHQ-2 ≥ 3)86135.5
  1. aReported living in a household supported by a social welfare program; Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF); bReported staying a day or going to bed hungry due to lack of food within the last 4 weeks