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Table 4 Principal Components Analysis and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) for PHQ-4. (Factorial Validity)

From: The psychometric properties of PHQ-4 anxiety and depression screening scale among out of school adolescent girls and young women in Tanzania: a cross-sectional study

Four-items of anxiety and depression scaleComponent loadingsGoodness-of-fit statistics
 aComponent1bComponent2Confirmatory factor analysis
1. Feeling nervous, anxious or on edge0.8340.230CFI = 0.995
2. Not being able to stop or control worrying0.7990.272SRMR = 0.013
3. Little interest or pleasure in doing things0.3330.716RMSEA = 0.054
4. Feeling down, depressed or hopeless0.1860.86590%CI for RMSEA (0.031,0.079)
  1. Note: Extraction method: principal components analysis. Rotation method: varimax;a Items on anxiety (GAD-2);
  2. bItems on depression (PHQ-2); Components accounted for 82% of the variance