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Table 3 Participants’ perceived motivational factors for the completion of an ARD

From: Motivations for people with cognitive impairment to complete an advance research directive – a qualitative interview study

Motivational factors Illustrative quote(s)
Discuss with
 No one When I have to complete such a thing, I can do that by myself. I don’t need anyone else. DBM5
 Clinician/ researcher I’d say the treating physician. DBM2
They do not have to be physicians but I think that they should have a bit of knowledge, there should be experience. God, that is ... I don’t know. A research institute could actually do this. Why not? DBW6
 Family I would have to talk about it with my partner that is important and I would talk to my children about it. DBW2
 Trust There must already be a trusting relationship so that I can assume he is acting with good intentions. DBW4
 Timing/ time A doctor who has more than two minutes, who listens and explains what he advises, and does not always look at the clock to check how much time has been wasted. DBM7
There should be some time in between because you have to come to terms with the idea [of the diagnosis]. DBM2
 Pre-formulated template I think it’s better when you have such a template because, I think I would forget so much or will not think of so many things that a template could point out what is important. DBW1
 Role representative My partner should have the last word for when I am suffering from dementia. So that I can hand over responsibility because I can’t bear it anymore. DBM5