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Table 4 Participants’ expressed concerns and remaining questions regarding ARDs

From: Motivations for people with cognitive impairment to complete an advance research directive – a qualitative interview study

Reservations and worries Illustrative quote(s)
No reservations No, I don’t think I have any concerns. DBM2
Anticipation When I have dementia, then I won’t remember what I have decided earlier. DBM5
  In ten years, then it will be outdated again and then it is something completely different again so it is not feasible. So I would not want to commit in advance. DBW7
Withdrawal Often when something like this starts you can’t stop it anymore, it’s not like the engine of a car. DBW5
Abuse That the data is not abused, but that one really only uses my data for dementia research. I worry about the pharmaceutical industry. Patients should definitely not be abused by any company, now they can be used as experimental objects. DBW6
Condition for appropriate counselling The question is whether for this … you will have to train people to sit down and discuss it. DBW12