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Table 3 Themes from the analysis

From: Recovery services and expectation of consumers and mental health professionals in community-based residential facilities of Ghana

Global themes Organizing themes Basic themes Codes
Theme 1: Recovery services offered to consumers Admission process to the residential facilities Conducting MSE and PHA are used to assess mental and physical health of consumers respectively Mental Status Examination (MSE)
Physical Health Assessment (PHA)
Treatment plan and goals setting
Receiving a referral from a psychiatric facility can be used to start recovery services Continuity of services
Routine recovery activities and intervention Planning daily recovery activities is key in achieving recovery Personal self-care skills
Time management skills
Socialization (eg. playing games and watching television)
Leisure and recreational activities
Mindfulness-based interventions
Physical health training
Cognitive behaviour therapy
Family therapy
Consumers’ involvement in decision concerning recovery services Respecting consumers rights in medication decision is key in achieving recovery Consumers understand their rights
Temporarily seizing consumers autonomy
Theme 2: Expectation regarding the personal recovery process Psychiatric medication (management of condition) Adherence to psychiatric medication improve the recovery process Becoming sober
Reducing aggression
Improving meaningful conversation
Reducing degree of illness
Economic empowerment Participating in normative life is key in recovery services Expecting employment opportunities (eg. vocational training)
Independent living Attaining independent living Regaining self-care and daily living skills
Attracting respect
Moving around independently
Social inclusion (integration) Gaining social inclusion Integration into families and communities
Making a meaningful contribution to families and society
Participating in religious activities
Social interaction (eg. entertainments)
Theme 3: Challenges in achieving personal recovery Systemic or management-related challenges Set-backs affecting implementation of recovery services Limited funds
Poor feeding
Limited medication supply
Limited family support
Inadequate MHPs
Consumer challenges Consumers faced individual challenges Dealing with unreasonable behaviour
Non-adherence to medications