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Table 1 Participant details

From: “It means so much for me to have a choice”: a qualitative study providing first-person perspectives on medication-free treatment in mental health care

Patient Diagnosis Known medication, including previous and discontinued Treatment at the time of the interview
P1 F20 Paranoid schizophrenia Olanzapine long-acting injection Aborted medication free, IMR, FACT, AFR, MI, psychotherapy.
P2 F20.3 Schizophrenia Aripiprazole long-acting injection, Buprenorphine Aborted medication free, AP medication, IPS, IMR, psychotherapy.
P3 F23.3 Acute paranoid psychosis Olanzapine Discontinued, medication free, psychotherapy.
P4 F29 Unspecified nonorganic psychosis Aripiprazole, Quetiapine Discontinued AP, music therapy, IMR, group therapy, psychotherapy
P5 F25.1 Schizoaffectiv disorder, depressive type Aripiprazole, Lithium Low dosage AP, music therapy, art therapy, ACT, psychotherapy.
P6 F23.9 Acute and transient psychosis Escitalopram Discontinued, medication free, psychotherapy.
P7 F25.1 Schizoaffectiv disorder, depressive type Quetiapine Discontinued, medication free, IPS, IMR, psychotherapy.
P8 F20.0 Paranoid schizophrenia Aripiprazole, Sertraline Aborted medication free, IMR, IPS, group therapy, psychotherapy.
P9 F41.9 Unspecified anxiety. Previously F22.0 Paranoid psychosis Amisulpride Discontinued, medication free, IMR, IPS, psychotherapy, exercise.
P10 F25 Schizoaffectiv disorder, manic type Aripiprazole long-acting injection Aborted medication free, excercise, FACT, psychotherapy.
  1. Abbreviations: IMR Illness Management and Recovery; IPS Individual Placement and Support; AP Medication: Antipsychotic Medication; ACT Assertive Community Treatment; FACT Flexible Assertive Community Treatment; MI Motivational Interview