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Table 5 Motives for (not) refusing to be engaged in euthanasia assessment procedures regarding APC (sort by frequency)

From: The engagement of psychiatrists in the assessment of euthanasia requests from psychiatric patients in Belgium: a survey study

Motives for refusing to be engaged in psychiatric euthanasia proceduresa
1. Fundamental motives
Fundamental objections against euthanasia regarding psychiatric patients (ethical, moral, deontological reasons)
Euthanasia is incompatible with therapeutic relationship, but should be topic for further exploration in life track
Physicians should never give the sign to the patient of giving up hope
Law needs to be re-examined as criteria are unclear or need to be further restricted for this patient group
In that specific time, the euthanasia law was not yet effective
2. Ineligibility of the patient’s euthanasia request
Treatment options were still left, including non-medical treatment
Substantive legal criteria were not fulfilled
Personality disorder as contra-indication
3. Complex circumstances
Patient’s complex family situation
Patient’s young age
Not enough knowledge on the patient and her situation
Not enough competence to get actively involved
4. Experience of rehabilitation with former patients with withdrawn request
Motives for accepting to be engaged in euthanasia procedures concerning psychiatric patientsa
1. Fundamental motives
Fundamental right of the patient to ask for euthanasia
Fundamental task of the psychiatrist to take and discuss the request seriously
Opportunity to keep on searching for underlying meaning request and treatment options
2. Eligibility of the patient’s euthanasia request
Unbearable and untreatable suffering do exist
Specific task of the psychiatrist to be involved in the assessment
The euthanasia request is always based on misfortunes in many more domains in life
  1. aThese motives result from 65 psychiatrists’ answers to the open ‘What was your motive to (not) refuse to be actively engaged in the clarification of the patient’s euthanasia request?