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Table 1 FGD Topic List

From: Mental illness stigma’s reasons and determinants (MISReaD) among Singapore’s lay public – a qualitative inquiry

Thoughts about Mental Illness and Stigma
-Can you describe a PMI? What comes to mind?
-Can you tell me more about such (repeat terms participants used to reflect stigmatizing attitude to first question if any) that you or other people have towards mental illness?
Follow-up questions on vignette (30mins)
-What, according to you, would people think about this person?
-Can you describe some of the positive or negative perceptions they might have?
-Do you think people will be willing to work with the person described in the vignette?
-Do you think people will be willing to include this person in their social or friend circle?
Role of culture in stigma
-Some people believe that the culture of the society plays a role in stigma. Would you agree with that? Can you tell us why you think that way?