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Table 1 Overview of major topics in the themes in the overall research on ‘parental mental illness’, in articles published from 1999 to 2018; and across the research areas

From: Mapping the literature on parents with mental illness, across psychiatric sub-disciplines: a bibliometric review

   Research area/ disorder group
Theme Complete search Substance use Psychotic Mood Anxiety Personality Behavioral syndromes Generic Psychiatric
Expectant mothers and early motherhood Prescription drugs use during pregnancy; fetal monitoring, maternal and neonatal care; birth outcomes; eating and weight; sleep problems Pregnancy and pregnancy complications, fetal monitoring, maternal and neonatal outcomes, opioid dependence, opioid maintenance treatment, neonatal abstinence syndrome; health services, health care delivery, health programs treatment Prescription drugs, pregnancy complications, birth outcomes, birth parameters, prenatal, postnatal and maternal care, comorbidity Prescription drug use during pregnancy, pregnancy complications, prenatal exposure, fetal monitoring; birth, maternal and neonatal outcomes, treatment Prescription drug use during pregnancy, pregnancy complications, prenatal exposure, birth, maternal and neonatal outcomes, maternal diseases *Covered in the theme ‘diagnoses, symptoms and treatment’ Pregnancy, complications, birth outcomes, birth parameters, postpartum mental health, SES, maternal care, neonatal care, pregnancy risk factorssocial support Pregnancy, treatment, prescription drugs, prenatal exposure, birth outcomes, birth parameters, severe child outcome, maternal mental health, risk factors in pregnancy, demographics, SES, social support
Substance use and abuse *Covered in the theme ‘SES, demography and health services’ Tobacco smoking, cannabis and marijuana, drug use and abuse; race and ethnicity * Covered in the theme ‘diagnoses, symptoms and treatment’ *Covered in the theme ‘Child–parent interaction and context’ *Covered in the theme ‘Diagnoses, symptoms and treatment’ *Covered in the themes ‘diagnosis, symptoms and treatment’ and ‘animal and genetics’ *Covered in diagnosis theme: ‘other mental disorders’ Substance use and abuse, risk factors, SES, mental disorders, comorbidity
SES and support practices Socioeconomic, demographic, and cultural factors; substance use and abuse; violence and crime   *SES covered in ‘diagnoses, symptoms and treatment’ Socioeconomic, demographic, cultural and ethnic factors, social support, health services and alcohol consumption Socioeconomic, demographic, ethnic and cultural factors; health services, health behavior and counseling; social support * Covered in themes ‘animal and genetics’ and ‘diagnosis, symptoms and treatment’ *SES occurs in the theme ‘expectant mothers and early motherhood’ *SES covered in ‘diagnoses, symptoms and treatment’
Biomedical research Genetics, environment, gene-environment, animals, prenatal exposure, stress drugs, brain, brain development, cognition, In utero exposure, cocaine and cocaine dependence, animals, brain development; genetic and environmental factors Two distinct themes
1. animal and brain studies: animal, brain, pregnancy, prenatal exposure, environmental factor, cognitive outcomes
Animal and stress; genetic and environmental factors; brain and cognitive development and disorders Animals, stress, maternal deprivation; brain and cognition; genetic and environmental factors and disease predisposition; prenatal exposure Psychopathy, brain, genetics, families, SES, problem drinking, prenatal exposure, risk factor Animals, brain, genetics, environment, treatment, health care, prescription drugs, symptoms, Genetics, animals, brain, prenatal drug exposure, mental disorders, environmental factors
    2. genetics genetic risk, heredity, gene-environment interaction      
Diagnoses, symptoms and treatment Health care -services, access, utilization, policies, programs and quality; treatment, social support, quality of life *Treatment mainly covered in expectant mothers and early motherhood; and diagnoses and symptoms in child-parent interaction and context Mental disorders, comorbidity, social support, treatment, child parent relation, substance use and abuse, SES, demography Development disorders, psychotic disorders, hospitalization Various mental disorders, comorbidity, substance use disorders, violence, including child abuse Mental disorders, treatment, health services, comorbidity, substance abuse, pregnancy and pregnancy complications, violence Three distinct themes
1. eating disorders, parental behavior, health information, child parent relation, families, lifestyle, coping
Mental disease, treatment, health care, child parent relation, behavior, SES, demography, social support
        2. Sleep disorders, behavior, learning, genetics, cognitive outcomes, health  
        3. Other mental disorders, comorbidity, substance abuse, violence  
Child–parent interaction and context Child parent relation, various parental and child behaviors, attachment and adjustment, mental disorders, comorbidity, family functioning and social contexts Alcohol use and abuse, drinking behavior; mental disorders, comorbidity, violence; parenting, child parent relation, behaviors, demography, SES, social support *Covered in the theme ‘diagnoses, symptoms and treatment’ Child parent relation, various parental and child behaviors, including externalizing behaviors comorbidity, substance use and abuse, violence, suicide, family history Child-parent relation, family functioning and communication, various phobia and anxiety, various treatments and therapies, externalizing behavior and disorders, autism spectrum disorders Child parent relation, families, behaviors, personality, child development, violence, social support *Covered in the sub-theme ‘eating disorders’ under ‘diagnoses, symptoms and treatment’ *Covered in the theme ‘diagnoses, symptoms and treatment’