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Table 3 Overview of sequences and acquired measures during the MRI session for timepoint 1 (T1) and timepoint 2 (T2). Established tasks were used for the investigation of reward processing [28], food processing [20], emotional face processing [95], and visual processing [66]

From: Study protocol of comprehensive risk evaluation for anorexia nervosa in twins (CREAT): a study of discordant monozygotic twins with anorexia nervosa

Scan Measure T1 T2
Structural MRI
 T1W T1-weighted structural brain image X  
 DTI Diffusion weighted brain image   X
Functional MRI
 Resting State Resting state connectivity X X
 Monetary reward task Reward processing X X
 Food viewing Food cue reactivity X X
 Fearful faces task Emotional processing X  
 Houses task General visual processing X