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Table 2 Themes, subthemes, and codes obtained from data analysis

From: Psychological disturbances of survivors throughout COVID-19 crisis: a qualitative study

Themes Subthemes Codes Frequency of the codes mentioned by participants
Living in limbo Confusion caused by new coronavirus infodemic Doubts about the accuracy of the information provided by the media (P1)*2/ (P5)*3/ (P6)*2/ (P7)*1/ (P8)*2/ (P9)*1/ (P13)*1
Being cluttered with information (P3)*2/ (P7)*1/ (P6)*3/ (P10)*2/ (P14)*4
Exacerbated anxiety by hearing conflicting news (P2)*1/ (P3)*3/ (P5)*1/ (P13)*2
Confusion caused by vague prognosis Fear of recurrence (P1)*1/ (P2)*2/ (P3)*2/ (P5)*2/ (P7)*1/ (P8)*1/ (P10)*2/ (P11)*2/ (P14)*1
Fear of unpredictable complications (P1)*1/ (P2)*1/ (P9)*1
Fear of falling asleep and not waking up (P1)*2/ (P6)*1/ (P13)*1/ (P14)*1
Having nightmares (P1)*1/ (P3)*1/ (P5)*1/ (P6)*1
A sense of imminent death Stress due to high mortality (P1)*1/ (P2)*1/ (P3)*4/ (P4)*1/(P5)*1/ (P7)*1/ (P10)*2/ (P13)*2/ (P14)*1
Feeling of approaching death (P2)*1/ (P4)*1/ (P10)*1/ (P12)*1
Being in a life-or-death situation (P4)*1/ (P10)*1/ (P12)*1
Psychological distress behind the wall Missing others behind the COVID-19 wall Waiting for a normal day (P6)*1/ (P9)*1/ (P13)*1
Dull isolation days (P1)*1/ (P6)*1/ (P9)*1/ (P13)*1
Missing family (P1)*1/ (P2)*1/ (P3)*1/ (P4)*2/(P5)*1/ (P6)*1/ (P8)*1/ (P9)*1/ (P11)*1/ (P12)*2/ (P13)*1/ (P14)*1
Psychological distress within the family Cold atmosphere of the family (P3)*1/ (P8)*1/ (P12)*1
Mental vulnerability of family members (P2)*1/ (P6)*2/ (P8)*2/ (P10)*1
Arguments (P6)*1/ (P8)*1/ (P10)*1
Psychological burden of being a carrier Fear of transmitting the disease Fear of transmitting the disease to family members (P1)*2/ (P2)*1/ (P3)*2/ (P4)*1/ (P5)*1/ (P6)*2/ (P8)*2/ (P9)*3/ (P10)*1/ (P11)*1/ (P13)*1/ (P14)*1
Worrying about infecting other people (P1)*1/ (P4)*1/ (P6)*1/ (P7)*2/ (P8)*1/ (P9)*2/ (P11)*1/ (P12)*1
Feeling rejected Staying away from others (P3)*1/ (P10)*1/ (P14)*1
Limited communication between the medical staff and the patient (P1)*1/ (P4)*2/ (P5)*1/ (P11)*1/ (P14)*1
COVID-19 stigma Negative view of others (P1)*1/ (P3)*1/ (P4)*2/ (P6)*2/ (P9)*12/ (P13)*2
Annoying sympathies of others (P1)*1/ (P4)*1/ (P5)*1/ (P11)*1/ (P14)*1