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Table 5 Basic demographics of viewers who completed questionnaires (n = 1104)

From: Can participatory video reduce mental illness stigma? Results from a Canadian action-research study of feasibility and impact

DemographicsTotal numbera
% female72.2
Age in years, mean (SD, range)34 (14.7, 14–80)
Age in years, median (IQR)29 (21–44)
Age in years, n (%)
  < 1811 (1.0)
 18–30555 (51.8)
 31–49274 (25.6)
 50+232 (21.6)
Profession, n (%)
 Student472 (45.5)
 Social service188 (18.1)
 Health care152 (14.7)
 Business/ admin62 (6.0)
 Arts/ culture50 (4.8)
 Other57 (5.5)
 Retired36 (3.5)
 Unemployed20 (1.9)
  1. SD standard deviation
  2. a Numbers do not always add up to 1104 because of occasional missing values due to non-response. We did not impute new values in place of missing values given the small numbers involved. Also, this table is purely descriptive and the sub-groups are not used as a basis for inferential analysis