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Table 2 Hazard Ratios for Selected Autoimmune Diseases By History of PTSD, 2001–2015

From: Posttraumatic stress disorder and risk of selected autoimmune diseases among US military personnel

 All service membersMenWomen
CasesIRaHRb95% CICasesIRaHRb95% CICasesIRaHRb95% CI
Any autoimmune disease
 No PTSD7551.31.0Referent4171.01.0Referent3382.21.0Referent
 PTSD1092.31.61.2, 2.0561.71.40.9, 2.0533.51.71.2, 2.4
Rheumatoid arthritis
 No PTSD2670.51.0Referent1300.31.0Referent1370.91.0Referent
 PTSD420.91.40.9, 2.1210.71.40.8, 2.5211.41.40.8, 2.3
Systemic lupus erythematosus
 No PTSD910.21.0Referent210.051.0Referent700.51.0Referent
 PTSD120.31.40.7, 2.830.091.30.3,, 3.0
Multiple sclerosis
 No PTSD1270.21.0Referent560.11.0Referent710.51.0Referent
 PTSD240.52.31.3, 3.9160.53.51.7, 7.380.51.30.6, 3.0
Inflammatory bowel disease
 No PTSD2960.51.0Referent2140.51.0Referent820.51.0Referent
 PTSD360.81.61.0, 2.4190.61.00.6, 1.7171.13.21.7, 5.9
  1. aRate per 1000 person-years
  2. bAdjusted for age, sex, enrollment panel, race/ethnicity, pay grade, service branch, and history of another mental health condition