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Table 3 Bootstrap mediation and moderated mediation effect

From: Mediation and moderation analyses: exploring the complex pathways between hope and quality of life among patients with schizophrenia

 Point EstimateProduct of confidentsBOOSTRAP 5000 TIMES 95% CI
bias correctedpercentile
Mediated modelIndirect effect
QOL – Resilience - Hope−0.071***0.027−2.659−0.130− 0.026−0.126− 0.022
QOL – Depression - Hope− 0.142***0.034−4.187− 0.212−0.078− 0.208−0.073
Total indirect effect
Total indirect effect−0.213**0.043−4.929−0.303−0.134− 0.295−0.127
Moderated mediation modelIndirect effect
QOL – resilience - hope−0.046*0.023−1.973−0.104−0.009− 0.096−0.004
QOL–depression - hope−0.121***0.033−3.686−0.195−0.064− 0.188−0.058
Total indirect effect
Total indirect effect0.167***0.043−3.875−0.265− 0.094−0.265− 0.086
Resilience vs depression0.730*0.3562.0500.0571.4660.0331.438
  1. Percentile 95% CIs for bootstrap distributions are defined using the values that mark the upper and lower 2.5% of each distribution
  2. There were differences between the percentile and bias corrected methods, depending on the size of the paths in the model, with the percentile method generally showing a slight superiority in conditions in which the bias corrected method was slightly liberal
  3. CI confidence interval, QOL quality of life, SE standard error
  4. *p<0.05; **p <0.01; ***p<0.001