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Table 4 One-factor and bi-factor solutions of RCADS-25 and RCADS-20 subscales (N = 69,487)

From: Psychometric evaluation of two short versions of the Revised Child Anxiety and Depression Scale

 RCADS-25     RCADS-20
Abbreviated item content BASADGADPDSOCOCD 
Broad anxiety
 Afraid of own at home0.500.470.83     
 Afraid of crowded places0.590.620.07     
 Scared if I have to sleep on my own0.590.560.43     
 Something will happen to family0.580.57 0.31    
 I think about death0.540.55 0.16    
 Something bad will happen0.720.72 0.55    
 Suddenly become dizzy or faint0.500.50  0.27   
 Tremble or shake0.540.53  0.93   
 Suddenly get a scared feeling0.720.76  0.03   
 Worry when done poorly0.670.64   0.25  
 What other people think of me0.710.58   0.66  
 Worry I might look foolish0.730.61   0.54  
 Do things over and over again0.430.40    0.44 
 Have to think special thoughts0.630.61    0.43 
 Do things in just the right way0.600.58    0.53 
 Feels sad or empty0.75      0.81
 Feels nothing is much fun anymore0.68      0.71
 Has trouble sleeping0.60       
 Has problems with appetite0.45       
 Has no energy for things0.65      0.55
 Cannot think clearly0.66      0.62
 Feels worthless0.76      0.83
 Feels like does not want to move0.52       
 Feels tired a lot0.69       
 Feels restless0.64       
  1. RCADS Revised Child Anxiety and Depression Scale, BA Common broad anxiety factor, SAD Separation anxiety disorder group factor, GAD Generalized anxiety disorder group factor, PD Panic disorder group factor, SOC Social phobia group factor, OCD Obsessive-compulsive disorder group factor, MDD Major depressive disorder