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Table 1 Participant characteristics

From: Helping people with psychosis to expand their social networks: the stakeholders’ views

Interviews/Focus group: Patients (N = 25)
 Female gender, n(%)44
Ethnicity, n(%)
 White British69
 Asian/Asian British – Bangladeshi9
 Black/Black British – African9
 White Other6
 Mixed – White and Black Caribbean3
 White Irish3
Marital status, n(%)
 Civil Partnership3
Living situation, n(%)
 Living alone47
 Living with partner or family28
 Living with friend(s)3
 Living in shared accommodation22
 Has seen a friend in the past week, n(%)77
 Has someone they consider a close friend, n(%)73
Focus group: Carers (N = 26)
 Age, mean years (s.d.)63 (8.3)
 Female gender, n(%)77
 Years spent in caring role, mean (s.d)19 (12.7)
Relationship to patient, n(%)
Focus group: Staff (N = 22)
 Age, mean years (s.d.)44 (10.0)
 Female gender, n(%)59
 Years working in mental health, mean (s.d.)15 (9.5)
Profession, n(%)
 Occupational Therapy18
 Support work9