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Table 2 Comparison of goodness-of-fit indices and models in sample 2 (n = 1043)

From: Factor structure and measurement invariance of the problematic mobile phone use questionnaire-short version across gender in Chinese adolescents and young adults

Model 1746.67887< 0.010.7520.7010.085 (0.080–0.091)0.087
Model 2234.39734< 0.010.8850.8480.075 (0.066–0.084)0.060
Model 3144.63841< 0.010.9420.9220.047 (0.038–0.056)0.041
  1. Note: S-Bχ2 Satorra-Bentler corrected chi-square, df degrees of freedom, CFI comparative fit index, TLI Tucker-Lewis index, RMSEA root mean square error of approximation, CI confidence interval, SRMR standardized root mean square residual