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Table 4 Multiple fit indices for measurement invariance across gender

From: Factor structure and measurement invariance of the problematic mobile phone use questionnaire-short version across gender in Chinese adolescents and young adults

Model A294.888820.9360.9140.050 (0.044–0.056)0.043<0.01
Model B303.730900.9360.9210.048 (0.042–0.054)0.0445.96080.7500.0000.0070.0020.001
Model C334.419980.9290.9200.048 (0.042–0.054)0.04632.0028<0.0010.0070.0010.0000.002
Model D395.7971090.9140.9130.050 (0.045–0.056)0.04959.55711<0.0010.0150.0070.0020.003
Model M99.236410.9280.9030.059 (0.044–0.074)0.058<0.01
Model F201.978410.9370.9160.048 (0.042–0.055)0.039<0.01
  1. Note: S-Bχ2 Satorra-Bentler corrected chi-square; df degrees of freedom; CFI comparative fit index; TLI Tucker-Lewis index; RMSEA root mean square error of approximation; CI confidence interval; SRMR standardized root mean square residual; Δ deviation magnitude of fit indices