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Table 3 Factor loadings for 13 items retained in the CES-D scale

From: Challenges in measuring depression among Ugandan fisherfolk: a psychometric assessment of the Luganda version of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D)

CES-D Scale Item (revised 13-item scale)Factor Loading in single factor model
1. I was bothered by things that usually don’t bother me.0.4
2. I did not feel like eating; my appetite was poor.0.6
3. I felt that I could not shake off the blues even with help from my family or friends0.6
5. I had trouble keeping my mind on what I was doing.0.7
6. I felt depressed.0.8
10. I felt fearful.0.8
11. My sleep was restless.0.8
12. I was happy.a0.7
13. I talked less than usual.0.5
14. I felt lonely.0.8
16. I enjoyed life.a0.7
18. I felt sad.0.8
20. I could not get “going.”0.5
  1. a indicates the item was reverse scored