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Table 2 Results of Pearson correlation analyses between Theory of Mind, emotion recognition and delusions in the patient sample (n = 185)

From: Theory of mind, emotion recognition, delusions and the quality of the therapeutic relationship in patients with psychosis – a secondary analysis of a randomized-controlled therapy trial

 ToMER total scoreER fearER angerER sadnessER disgust
ER total score.316**     
ER fear.207**.743**    
ER anger.244**.462**.052   
ER sadness.171*.688**.479**.230  
ER disgust.228**.690**.389**.057.356** 
PANSS P1 delusions in general.−.100−.033
PANSS P6 delusions of persecution.113.021−.012.101−.019.048
PSYRATS delusional frequency−.−.028.018
PSYRATS delusional distress.020.219**.166*.085.124.236**
  1. Notes: ER Emotion recognition, PANSS Positive and Negative Syndrom Scale, PSYRATS Psychotic Symptoms Rating Scale, *: p < .05; **: p < .01