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Table 1 Prior ICD-10 diagnosis of patients with bipolar disorder (N = 7876)

From: Exploring factors of diagnostic delay for patients with bipolar disorder: a population-based cohort study

DiagnosisOutpatient careInpatient care
PrevalenceNumber of cases per patientPrevalenceNumber of cases per patient
MinMaxMeanStd. dev.MinMaxMeanStd. dev.
alcohol misuse/dependence (ICD-10 F10.x)22.73%0713.4111.149.31%070.251.01
illicit drug misuse/dependence (ICD-10 F11-F19.x)17.41%0561.877.734.41%030.080.40
schizophrenia and related disorders (ICD-10 F20-F29.x)34.19%018113.6534.5121.23%0170.932.75
anxiety disorder (ICD-10 F40-F43.x)82.91%012918.5925.4518.05%050.320.85
specific, mixed and other personality disorders other than borderline personality disorder, and enduring personality changes (ICD-10 F60-F62.x excluding F60.3)23.58%0562.508.414.38%020.060.29
borderline personality disorder (ICD-10 F60.3)10.89%0351.104.862.20%010.020.15
psychotic depression (ICD-10 F32.3/F33.2)6.98%0230.542.903.96%020.060.29
unipolar depression without psychotic symptoms (ICD-10 F32.x/F33.x excluding F32.3/F33.2)64.59%012214.3323.9123.27%0100.631.65
mood affective disorders other than the ones listed above (ICD-10 F30-F39.x excluding F31-F33.x)21.44%0381.725.857.71%030.120.47
organic, including symptomatic, mental disorders (ICD-10 F00-F09.x)15.24%0421.566.052.83%020.040.25
neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders (ICD-10 F44-F48.x)14.18%0351.325.081.51%010.020.12
behavioural syndromes associated with physiological disturbances and physical factors (ICD-10 F50–59.x)17.78%0361.355.170.37%090.010.18
disorders of adult personality and behaviour other than the ones listed above (ICD F63-F69.x)2.76%040.070.470.32%040.000.10
mental and behavioural disorders other than the ones listed above (ICD-10 F70-F99.x)17.05%0662.529.764.60%050.110.61
poisoning and toxic substances (ICD-10 T36-T65.x) 22.26%080.511.33
intentional self-poisoning by drugs, medicaments and biological substances (ICD-10 X60-X64.x)6.87%030.110.4411.95%040.200.64
intentional self-poisoning by chemicals and noxious substances and intentional self-harm (ICD-10 X65-X84.x)5.38%030.090.425.76%020.080.33
intentional self-harm (ICD-10 X60–84.x)10.42%050.290.8415.34%
  1. Prevalence shows the proportion of a patients affected by a medical condition from 1 January 2004 to the date of the first diagnosis with bipolar disorder. Number of cases per patient show how many times patients have been diagnosed with a medical condition prior to the date of the first bipolar diagnosis: minimum, maximum and average values are reported for each condition. In outpatient care all diagnoses were considered, in inpatient care only principal diagnoses were included