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Table 6 Results of the multiple linear regression analyses in relation to sleep function (PSQI scores)

From: Sleep disturbances in obsessive-compulsive disorder: influence of depression symptoms and trait anxiety

  β P-value R2
Independent variables    0.41
 Y-BOCS 0.08 0.529  
 HDRS 0.35 0.025*  
 STAI-Trait 0.31 0.032*  
 Age −0.07 0.574  
 Female Sex −0.09 0.446  
 MDD 0.04 0.735  
 BTD 0.06 0.632  
  1. lnPSQI was considered the dependent variable
  2. Abbreviations: β Standardized regression coefficient, PSQI Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, Y-BOCS Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale, HDRS Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, STAI-T State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, MDD Major Depressive Disorder, BTD Benzodiazepine Treatment Doses, lnPSQI Log-transformed Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index
  3. *P < 0.05