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Table 1 Schedule of enrollment and assessment

From: Influence of established and subjectively perceived as well as evaluated individual characteristics on the utilization of mental health services among individuals with depressive disorders: protocol of a longitudinal study examining how to supplement the “behavioral model of health services use” and on need-congruent use of mental health services

Timepoint T0 T1 T1
Telephone interview
12 months
Telephone interview
14 months
Qualitative interview
Informed consent X   X
Established characteristics
  Age X   
  Sex X   
  Family status X Changes are queried  
  Migration background X   
  Socioeconomic status X Changes are queried  
  Health insurance X Changes are queried  
  Presence of a general practitioner X Changes are queried  
  Subjective health (SF-8) X X  
  Depressivity (PHQ-9) X a X  
  Risk of mental comorbidity X X  
Complementary characteristics
  Subjective illness perception (IPQ-Brief) X X  
  Barriers (checklist according to the World Mental Health Survey, SELFI, SSOSH) Xb X  
  Perceived need for care (GUPI) X X  
Mental health services use X X  
Diagnostic interview (DIA-X-12/M-CIDI)   X  
Conditions and reasons for (non-) utilization    X
  1. a serves as eligibility screen at T0, b only SELFI and SSOSH will be surveyed at T0