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Table 7 Regression analysis results for PID-5-BF domains’ predictive effect of six SCID-II PDs in undergraduate students

From: Personality inventory for DSM-5 brief form(PID-5-BF) in Chinese students and patients: evaluating the five-factor model and a culturally informed six-factor model

  Overall R2 R2 β VIF
STPD 0.180a    
Ps   0.150a 1.191a 1.678
 An   0.018a 0.653a 1.340
 Di   0.007a −0.427a 1.369
 IR   0.004a 0.169a 1.089
De   0.001a 0.151a 1.516
ASPD 0.128a    
Di   0.076a 0.532a 1.369
An   0.029a 0.549a 1.340
 De   0.012a −0.459a 1.516
 Ps   0.011a 0.319a 1.678
 IR   0.001b 0.038b 1.089
BPD 0.296a    
 Ps   0.196a 0.817a 1.669
NA   0.067a 0.632a 1.441
Di   0.020a 0.539a 1.462
 IR   0.011a 0.272a 1.089
 De   0.002a 0.233a 1.488
NPD 0.208a    
 Ps   0.113a 0.766a 1.663
 IR   0.059a 0.511a 1.082
An   0.032a 0.871a 1.352
 NA   0.004a 0.258a 1.362
 De   0.001a −0.177a 1.515
AVPD 0.242a    
 Ps   0.134a 0.480a 1.669
 IR   0.042a 0.479a 1.089
De   0.047a 0.938a 1.488
NA   0.014a 0.343a 1.441
 Di   0.006a 0.365a 1.462
OCPD 0.147a    
 Ps   0.108a 0.890a 1.735
 IR   0.022a 0.381a 1.102
NA   0.009a 0.336a 1.466
De   0.005a 0.415a 1.535
 Di   0.003a −0.289a 1.474
 An   0.001b 0.129b 1.363
  1. NA Negative Affect, IR Interpersonal Relationships, De Detachment, An Antagonism, Ps Psychoticism, Di Disinhibition, STPD schizotypal personality disorder, ASPD antisocial personality disorder, BPD borderline personality disorder, NPD narcissistic personality disorder, AVPD avoidant personality disorder, OCPD obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, VIF variance inflation factor,R2 = The change of Model explicable variability after adding the variable; β = regression coefficients
  2. Bold means suggested domains of each personality disorder in DSM-5;
  3. aCorrelation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed),bCorrelation is significant at the 0.05 level(2-tailed)