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Table 4 Sensitivity analysis, multivariate linear regression analysis

From: Who is the main caregiver of the mother during the doing-the-month: is there an association with postpartum depression?

   Unstandardised coefficient Standardized coefficient t p
B Std. Error Beta
Sensitivity analysis Caregiver of puerperal women      
Mother ref ref ref ref ref
Yuesao 0.16050 0.06557 0.07539 2.45 0.0145
Mother-in-law 0.09881 0.04682 0.07219 2.11 0.0351
Other relatives −0.03139 0.07857 −0.01217 −0.40 0.6896
  1. Model: adjusted to occupation, household income, smoking and drinking, living situation and social support, parity and stress during pregnancy