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Table 2 Levels of intervention and themes of curriculum for peer support worker training

From: The social support, mental health, psychiatric symptoms, and functioning of persons with schizophrenia participating in peer co-delivered vocational rehabilitation: a pilot study in Taiwan

Intervention level Themes of curriculum
We need peer support Be healthier and happier My recovery journey Recover together Work together
Community Introducing the People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act in Taiwana Using resources in communities to cultivate independent living skills, better health, and to find a jobc
Dealing with discrimination encountered in communitiesa
Service system Connecting with other peopleb Mental health &mental health promotiona Concepts of recovery & empowerment at both individual &service team levelsa Coleading workplace problem-solving groupb
Treatment & rehabilitation in mental health servicesa Roles of trained professionals with different specialties &peer support workers in mental health servicesa Assisting the vocational rehabilitation trainingb
Individual What is the job of peer support workers? a Cooperating with care-givers and/or trained professionals with different specialtiesb Principle of self-determinationa Skills of active listeninga Leadership in a groupa
My life storya Recognizing critical time pointsb Sharing the decisions made during my own vocational journeya
My experience of managing my own mental illnessb Illustrating my recovery story through role-playingc Acquiring interviewing skills through simulationsc
  1. aone-hour lecture session
  2. bone-hour practice session
  3. ctwo-hour practice session