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Table 1 Clinical staging model (Adapted from Hickie and colleagues [25])

From: ENgage YOung people earlY (ENYOY): a mixed-method study design for a digital transdiagnostic clinical – and peer- moderated treatment platform for youth with beginning mental health complaints in the Netherlands

Stage Description
Stage 0 Asymptomatic individuals at risk of a disorder who have not yet presented for care
Stage 1a Help-seeking individuals with mild symptoms and mild functional impairment
Stage 1b People with attenuated syndromes with partial specificity, often with mixed or ambiguous symptoms and moderate functional impairment
Stage 2 People with discrete disorders: clear episodes of psychotic, manic, or severe depressive symptoms
Stage 3 People with recurrent or persistent disorders
Stage 4 People with severe, treatment-resistant, or unremitting disorder