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Table 2 Results of the principal component analysis (PCA) of the 10 items asking about perceived stigma (N = 307). Only factor loadings > 0.40 are displayed

From: Predictors of help-seeking behaviour in people with mental health problems: a 3-year prospective community study

Items Factor 1:
no perceived stigma
Factor 2:
perceived stigma
Most people have no problems to be the friend of a former psychiatric patient. 0.40  
Most people believe that somebody who was in a psychiatric clinic is just as intelligent as the average population. 0.62  
Most people have the opinion that one can trust a former psychiatric patient just like other people. 0.61  
Most people agree that a psychiatrically treated person, who is totally recovered, can be a teacher for little children. 0.44  
Most people see it as an indicator of personal failure, when somebody is in a psychiatric clinic.   0.68
Most people do not allow former psychiatric patients to look after their children, even if they are doing well for some time.   0.63
Most people think less of somebody who was in a psychiatric clinic.   0.78
Most employees hire a former psychiatric patient when he or she is qualified for the job. 0.62  
Most people treat former psychiatric patients just like other people. 0.63  
Most people do not take the opinion of somebody who was in a psychiatric clinic seriously.   0.55
Eigenvalue 2.00 1.88