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Table 2 Characteristics of the cognitive interview participants

From: The foundations of the working alliance in assertive community treatment teams

Professionals (N = 6)
 Gender 4 females, 2 males
 Age, mean (range) 42.5 years (38–49 years)
 Profession Clinical psychologist/psychotherapist (2)
Mental health care psychologist (1)
Casemanager (1)
Social psychiatric nurse (2)
 Mean number of years of experience working in (F) ACT teams (range) 6.8 years (3–10 years)
Clients and former clients (N = 5)
 Gender 3 males, 2 females
 Age, mean (range) 43.4 years (34–56 years)
 Level of education
 Living situation
4 secondary vocational education, 1 BSc
5 independent living
 Employment status 2 daily occupation services*, 2 no work or daily occupation services, 1 paid work
 Mean number of years receiving care from (F) ACT teams (range) 5.4 years (1.5–11 years)
  1. * Daily occupation services include volunteer work, spending time in an activity centre, and informal care