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Table 1 Percentages of patients scoring positive to different seizure disorder screening criteria

From: Epilepsy and other seizure disorders in acute psychiatric inpatients

  Frequencies (% (N) [95% CI])
Positive screen of epilepsya 11.6% (44) [95% CI: 8.4-14.8%]
ICD-9/10 coded data of epilepsyb 10.0% (38) [95% CI: 7.0-13.0%]
Self-report of seizuresc 18.4% (70) [95% CI: 14.5-22.3%]
Self-report of epilepsyd 5.0% (19) [95% CI: 2.8-7.2%]
  1. aPositive screen of epilepsy encompasses both International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-9/10 coded data and/or self-report of epilepsy
  2. bICD-9/10 coded data for epilepsy represents all encounters for a 345/G40-41 diagnosis in the medical health records from 1987 to 2020
  3. cSelf-report of seizures was assessed with the following question: “Have you ever had a seizure?”. Missing data in 75 patients (19.7%)
  4. dSelf report of epilepsy was assessed with the following question: “Are you or have you ever been treated for epilepsy?”. Missing data in 85 patients (22.4%)