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Table 2 Study timeline according to SPIRIT Statement [42]

From: Cost-effectiveness and cost-utility evaluation of individual vs. group transdiagnostic psychological treatment for emotional disorders in primary care (PsicAP-Costs): a multicentre randomized controlled trial protocol

  1. CDTE Questionnaire of Cognitive Distortions in Emotional Disorders, CERQ Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire, CIDI Composite International Diagnostic Interview, EQ-5D-5L 5-dimension, 5-level European Quality of Life scale, GAD Generalized Anxiety Disorder, IACTA-PB Inventory of Cognitive Activity in Anxiety Disorders-Panic Brief subscale, MCQ-NB Metacognitions Questionnaire-Negative Beliefs subscale, PHQ Patient Health Questionnaire, PSWQ-A Penn State Worry Questionnaire-Abbreviated, RRS-B Ruminative Responses Scale-Brooding subscale, SCID-I Structured Clinical Interview for DSM Axis-I Disorders, SDS Sheehan Disability Scale, TAU Treatment as usual, tCBT Transdiagnostic cognitive-behavioural therapy, WHOQOL-BREF WHO Quality of Life scale-Brief version