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Table 4 Brain areas with significantly different FC among the SD, NSD, and HC groups using the left dAI as the seed region

From: Aberrant functional connectivity in insular subregions in somatic depression: a resting-state fMRI study

Brain regions MNI (x y z) Cluster size F/t -value
Three groups
 Fusiform_L −39 -51 -21 9 18.625a
 Inferior frontal gyrus_L −39 27 24 19 13.632a
 Fusiform_L −39 -54 -21 5 4.522b
SD vs HC
 Inferior frontal gyrus_L −39 27 24 16 5.017b
 Fusiform_L −39 − 51 -21 9 -5.921b
 Inferior frontal gyrus_L −39 30 24 7 3.848b
  1. SD Somatic depression, NSD Non-somatic depression, HC Healthy control, dAI Dorsal anterior insula, MNI Montreal Neurological Institute, x, y, z are the coordinates of the primary peak locations in the MNI space; F is obtained by one-way analysis of variance; t is obtained by two-sample two-tailed t test (p < 0.05, alphasim correction); L Left, R Right
  2. aThe F statistical value
  3. bThe t statistical value