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Table 2 Semi-structured interview guide

From: How did the first COVID-19 lockdown affect persons with concurrent mental health and substance use disorders in Norway? A qualitative study

Initial questions Experience during the lockdown
How old are you? How did you hear about the restrictions due to COVID-19 and how you were supposed to act?
What kind of substances do you take? How did the pandemic and the lockdown affect your life?
Which mental health challenges did you experience? Which measures affected you most and how?
How did it feel to get this invitation? How could you comply with the infection control measures?
  What is your opinion about these measures?
  What are your concerns regarding the pandemic?
  What did you do during the lockdown?
Use of health services Follow-up questions
How did you use the health/social services during the pandemic? How did that feel?
What do you expect from health/social services during a pandemic? What are your thoughts about that?
  Do you have any examples?
  Would you like to mention something we haven’t talked about?