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Table 1 Topics of 8-Weeks CBT Intervention for medical students

From: Effect of cognitive behavioral therapy program on mental health status among medical student in Palestine during COVID pandemic

Title of the session Number of session The topic of the session
Introducing program therapy 1 Provide a brief about the program and number of sessions will be, agreement form, date of each session….etc. + Pre-assessment
Psycho-education 2 Explain the stress, anxiety, depression &how it affects our body/self …etc
Know when anxiety happens, and what situations create and where
Introducing negative thinking & Thinking Exposure 3 + 4 Explain it, and how it affects us
Learn to explain the situation and how to think again in different ways
Negative thinking becomes positive 5 + 6 Learn how to change it to be positive
Explain the strategies to face & replace them with a positive thing
Relaxation & Facing the anxiety situation 7 Train him on how to reduce his fear and anxiety during the anxiety situation
Learn how to face the anxiety …. etc
End of program & post-assessment 8 Make post-assessment and close the program