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Table 6 Direct and indirect effects of social networks and Internet emotional relationships with Dominate of DASS21(Stress, Depression, Anxiety) and quality of life

From: Social networks and internet emotional relationships on mental health and quality of life in students: structural equation modelling

    Direct effects Indirect effects Total Effect
DASS 21 Depression EDU 0.07 0.045 0.11
TUS 0.07 0.068 0.138
SES −0.07 0.125 0.055
INT 0.16 0.54 0.7
SOM 0.57 0.57
Anxiety EDU 0.06 0.053a 0.053a
TUS 0.04 0.08a 0.08a
SES −0.06 0.14a 0.14a
INT 0.12 0.64a 0.64a
SOM 0.67a 0.67a
Stress EDU −0.1a 0.046 − 0.1a
TUS 0.1 0.06 0.16
SES −0.04 0.12 0.08
INT 0.15 0.55 0.7
SOM 0.58 0.58
Quality of life (SF-36) EDU 0.03a 0.001a 0.031a
TUS 0.05a −0.024a 0.026a
SES 0.09a −0.044a 0.046a
INT 0.39a −0.192a 0.198a
SOM −0.2a −0.2a
Depression −0.18a −0.18a
Anxiety −0.15a −0.15a
Stress −0.17a −0.17a
  1. EDU Education, TUS Average time of use of the Internet, INT Internet Emotional Relationships, SOM Social Network Score, SES Socioeconomic Status, SF36 36-Item Short-Form Health Survey
  2. asignificant