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  1. Study protocol

    Internet-based attentional bias modification training as add-on to regular treatment in alcohol and cannabis dependent outpatients: a study protocol of a randomized control trial

    The automatic tendency to attend to and focus on substance-related cues in the environment (attentional bias), has been found to contribute to the persistence of addiction. Attentional bias modification (ABM) ...

    Janika Heitmann, Madelon E. van Hemel-Ruiter, Karin M. Vermeulen, Brian D. Ostafin, Colin MacLeod, Reinout W. Wiers, Laura DeFuentes-Merillas, Martine Fledderus, Wiebren Markus and Peter J. de Jong

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:193

    Published on: 23 May 2017

  2. Research article

    The factor structures and correlates of PTSD in post-conflict Timor-Leste: an analysis of the Harvard Trauma Questionnaire

    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the most widely assessed form of mental distress in cross-cultural studies conducted amongst populations exposed to mass conflict and displacement. Nevertheless, there ...

    Alvin Kuowei Tay, Mohammed Mohsin, Susan Rees, Zachary Steel, Natalino Tam, Zelia Soares, Jessica Baker and Derrick Silove

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:191

    Published on: 22 May 2017

  3. Research article

    Affective concordance in couples: a cross-sectional analysis of depression and anxiety consultations within a population of 13,507 couples in primary care

    Depression and anxiety are common and have a significant impact on the individual and wider society. One theory proposed to explain a heightened risk for depression and anxiety is affective concordance in coup...

    J. Walker, J. Liddle, K. P. Jordan and P. Campbell

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:190

    Published on: 19 May 2017

  4. Research article

    Perceptions of problem-drinker patients’ family members about their own hazardous-drinking behaviours in Chinese general hospitals: a qualitative study

    Excessive alcohol use has been associated with health, social and legal problems. Alcohol-related problems have been studied primarily in problem-drinker patients, with few studies on their family members, par...

    Chen-Chun Lin, Yun-Fang Tsai, Wen-Ling Yeh, Jung-Ta Kao and Ching-Yen Chen

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:189

    Published on: 18 May 2017

  5. Study protocol

    An integrated intervention to reduce intimate partner violence and psychological distress with refugees in low-resource settings: study protocol for the Nguvu cluster randomized trial

    Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a critical public health and human rights concern globally, including for refugee women in low-resource settings. Little is known about effective interventions for this popul...

    Wietse A. Tol, M. Claire Greene, Samuel Likindikoki, Lusia Misinzo, Peter Ventevogel, Ann G. Bonz, Judith K. Bass and Jessie K. K. Mbwambo

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:186

    Published on: 18 May 2017

  6. Research article

    Service user involvement in mental health system strengthening in a rural African setting: qualitative study

    It is essential to involve service users in efforts to expand access to mental health care in integrated primary care settings in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). However, there is little evidence fro...

    Sisay Abayneh, Heidi Lempp, Atalay Alem, Daniel Alemayehu, Tigist Eshetu, Crick Lund, Maya Semrau, Graham Thornicroft and Charlotte Hanlon

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:187

    Published on: 18 May 2017

  7. Research article

    Sexual orientation differences in treatment expectation, alliance, and outcome among patients at risk for suicide in a public psychiatric hospital

    Sexual minority (SM) individuals (gay, lesbian, bisexual, or otherwise nonheterosexual) are at increased risk for mental disorders and suicide and adequate mental healthcare may be life-saving. However, SM pat...

    Martin Plöderl, Sabine Kunrath, Robert J. Cramer, Jen Wang, Larissa Hauer and Clemens Fartacek

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:184

    Published on: 15 May 2017

  8. Research article

    Does the number of previous mood episodes moderate the relationship between alcohol use, smoking and mood in bipolar outpatients?

    Evidence suggests that alcohol use and smoking are negatively associated with mood in bipolar disorders (BD). It is unknown if this relationship is moderated by the number of previous mood episodes. Therefore,...

    Wendela G. ter Meulen, Jan van Zaane, Stasja Draisma, Aartjan T.F. Beekman and Ralph W. Kupka

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:185

    Published on: 15 May 2017

  9. Research article

    Blood homocysteine concentration and mood disorders with mixed features among patients with alcohol use disorder

    Blood homocysteine concentration (BHC) is higher in patients with alcohol use disorder (AUD). Previous studies have found a relationship between depressive symptoms severity and BHC in AUD patients and recentl...

    Francesco Oliva, Maurizio Coppola, Raffaella Mondola, Daniele Ascheri, Francesco Cuniberti, Gabriele Nibbio and Rocco Luigi Picci

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:181

    Published on: 12 May 2017

  10. Research article

    Validity of the posttraumatic stress disorders (PTSD) checklist in pregnant women

    The PTSD Checklist-civilian (PCL-C) is one of the most commonly used self-report measures of PTSD symptoms, however, little is known about its validity when used in pregnancy. This study aims to evaluate the r...

    Bizu Gelaye, Yinnan Zheng, Maria Elena Medina-Mora, Marta B. Rondon, Sixto E. Sánchez and Michelle A. Williams

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:179

    Published on: 12 May 2017

  11. Research article

    Comparison of demographic characteristics and psychiatric comorbidity among methamphetamine-, heroin- and methamphetamine-heroin co- dependent males in Hunan, China

    There is little research of psychiatric comorbidity differences among people with different types of drug dependence in Chinese population. We explored demographic and comorbid psychiatric differences among me...

    Huixi Dong, Mei Yang, Liang Liu, Chenxi Zhang, Mengqi Liu, Yidong Shen, Huanzhong Liu and Wei Hao

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:183

    Published on: 12 May 2017

  12. Study protocol

    The PED-t trial protocol: The effect of physical exercise –and dietary therapy compared with cognitive behavior therapy in treatment of bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder

    Sufferers from bulimia nervosa (BN) and binge eating disorder (BED) underestimate the severity risk of their illness and, therefore, postpone seeking professional help for years. Moreover, less than one in fiv...

    Therese Fostervold Mathisen, Jan H. Rosenvinge, Gunn Pettersen, Oddgeir Friborg, KariAnne Vrabel, Solfrid Bratland-Sanda, Mette Svendsen, Trine Stensrud, Maria Bakland, Rolf Wynn and Jorunn Sundgot-Borgen

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:180

    Published on: 12 May 2017

  13. Research article

    Lifetime prevalence of mental disorders among first and second generation individuals with Turkish migration backgrounds in Germany

    This paper focuses on the lifetime prevalence of mental disorders in individuals with Turkish migration backgrounds in Germany, as there is a lack of reliable epidemiological data on this subject.

    Demet Dingoyan, Holger Schulz, Ulrike Kluge, Simone Penka, Azra Vardar, Alessa von Wolff, Jens Strehle, Hans-Ulrich Wittchen, Uwe Koch, Andreas Heinz and Mike Mösko

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:177

    Published on: 11 May 2017

  14. Research article

    Correlates of alcohol consumption in rural western Kenya: A cross-sectional study

    Studies on alcohol consumption in rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa are scarce. This study aimed to determine the prevalence and determinants of alcohol consumption in rural western Kenya. The study was conduc...

    Risa Takahashi, Calistus Wilunda, Karani Magutah, Wanja Mwaura-Tenambergen, Boniface Wilunda and Usaneya Perngparn

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:175

    Published on: 10 May 2017

  15. Research article

    Geographical accessibility and duration of untreated psychosis: distance as a determinant of treatment delay

    The duration of untreated psychosis is determined by both patient and service related factors. Few studies have considered the geographical accessibility of services in relation to treatment delay in early psy...

    Erling Inge Kvig, Beate Brinchmann, Cathrine Moe, Steinar Nilssen, Tor Ketil Larsen and Knut Sørgaard

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:176

    Published on: 10 May 2017

  16. Study protocol

    The clinical course of trauma-related disorders and personality disorders: study protocol of two-year follow-up based on structured interviews

    Trauma-related disorders and personality disorders are prevalent in survivors of chronic childhood trauma and neglect. Both conditions have serious consequences for patients, their families, society and public...

    Sanne Swart, Marleen Wildschut, Nel Draijer, Willemien Langeland and Jan H. Smit

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:173

    Published on: 10 May 2017

  17. Study protocol

    The PULSAR Specialist Care protocol: a stepped-wedge cluster randomized control trial of a training intervention for community mental health teams in recovery-oriented practice

    Recovery features strongly in Australian mental health policy; however, evidence is limited for the efficacy of recovery-oriented practice at the service level. This paper describes the Principles Unite Local ...

    Frances Shawyer, Joanne C. Enticott, Lisa Brophy, Annie Bruxner, Ellie Fossey, Brett Inder, John Julian, Ritsuko Kakuma, Penelope Weller, Elisabeth Wilson-Evered, Vrinda Edan, Mike Slade and Graham N. Meadows

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:172

    Published on: 8 May 2017

  18. Research article

    A cross-sectional study about associations between personality characteristics and mental health service utilization in a Korean national community sample of adults with psychiatric disorders

    Personality traits are not only associated with psychiatric symptoms, but also with treatment seeking behavior. Our purpose was to examine the relationship between mental health service utilization and persona...

    Subin Park, Yeeun Lee, Su Jeong Seong, Sung Man Chang, Jun Young Lee, Bong Jin Hahm and Jin Pyo Hong

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:170

    Published on: 5 May 2017

  19. Research article

    Associations of fatigue to work-related stress, mental and physical health in an employed community sample

    While work-related fatigue has become an issue of concern among European employees, the relationship between fatigue, depression and work-related stressors is far from clear. The purposes of this study were (1...

    D. M. Rose, A. Seidler, M. Nübling, U. Latza, E. Brähler, E. M. Klein, J. Wiltink, M. Michal, S. Nickels, P. S. Wild, J. König, M. Claus, S. Letzel and M. E. Beutel

    BMC Psychiatry 2017 17:167

    Published on: 5 May 2017

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