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Table 1 HCR-20 item content

From: The utility of the Historical Clinical Risk -20 Scale as a predictor of outcomes in decisions to transfer patients from high to lower levels of security-A UK perspective

Historical Items
H1 Previous Violence
H2 Young Age at First Violent Incident
H3 Relationship Instability
H4 Employment Problems
H5 Substance Use Problems
H6 Major Mental Illness
H7 Psychopathy
H8 Early maladjustment
H9 Personality Disorder
H10 Prior Supervision Failure
Clinical Items
C1 Lack of Insight
C2 Negative Attitudes
C3 Active Symptoms of Major Mental Illness
C4 Impulsivity
C5 Unresponsive to Treatment
Risk Management Items
R1 Plans Lack Feasibility
R2 Exposure to Destabilizers
R3 Lack of Personal Support
R4 Noncompliance with Redemption Attempts
R5 Stress