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Table 2 Statement Themes - Problem Drug Use study

From: Development of mental health first aid guidelines for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experiencing problems with substance use: a Delphi study

Section 1. Problem drug use
1.1 What the first aider needs to know about problem drug use
1.2 How to recognise problem drug use
Section 2. Approaching the person about their problem drug use
2.1 Preparing to approach the person
2.2 General principles for talking to the person
2.3 When to talk to the person
2.4 What to say to the person
2.5 If the person is pregnant or breastfeeding
2.6 If the person is caring for a child
Section 3. Information and support for the person who wants to stop using drugs
3.1 Self help
3.2 Helpful information
3.3 Support
3.4 Helping the person deal with social pressure to take drugs
3.5 Harm reduction
3.6 Laws around drug use/possession
Section 4. When to disclose the person's drug use
Section 5. If the person is unwilling to change
Section 6. Encouraging the person to seek professional help
6.1 Suggesting help
6.2 Types of help
6.3 Making the appointment
Section 7. If the person is unwilling to seek help
Section 8. Drug affected states
8.1 Understanding drug affected states
8.2 Sniffing
8.3 Responding to medical emergencies
8.4 If the person becomes agitated or aggressive
8.5 What to do if the first aider cannot de-escalate the situation