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Table 2 ICD-10 diagnostic criteria for F51.0 Non-organic Insomnia.

From: Differences between patients' and clinicians' report of sleep disturbance: a field study in mental health care in Norway

Symptom Individual complaints of difficulty falling asleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, or non-refreshing sleep.
Duration At least three days a week for at least one month.
Consequence The sleep disturbance results in marked personal distress or interference with personal functioning in daily living.
Comorbidity If other mental disturbances are present, Insomnia should be coded as an additional disturbance if either a) sleep disturbance is one of the patient's most prominent complaints, or b) if the sleep disturbance also occurs in periods without symptoms of other mental disturbance.
Exclusion There is no known causative organic factor. If the sleep disturbance only occurs during episodes of other mental disturbance, the primary mental disturbance should be coded.