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Table 1 CIDI Screen and Probes items for Psychosis (Delusional-like experiences, DLE)

From: The association between delusional-like experiences, and tobacco, alcohol or cannabis use: a nationwide population-based survey

Item G1 (PS1*):
Have you ever felt that your thoughts were being directly interfered with or controlled by another person?
If yes, PS1A # :
Did it come about in a way that many people would find hard to believe, for instance, through telepathy?
Item G2 (PS2*):
Have you ever had a feeling that people were too interested in you?
If yes, PS2A # :
Have you had a feeling that things were arranged so as to have a special meaning for you, or even that harm might come to you?
Item G1 (PS3*):
Do you ever have any special powers that most people lack?
If yes, PS3A # :
Do you belong to a group of people who also have these powers?
Item PS4@:
Has a doctor ever told you that you may have schizophrenia?
  1. *Screen items (lifetime) with answer (Yes/No): 'Any screen' items required 'Yes' answers to all three questions.
  2. #Probe items (lifetime) with answer (Yes/No): 'Any probe' items required 'Yes' answers to PS1A and PS2A, and 'No' answer to PS3A.
  3. @Sample excluded from the analyses (n = 68)