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Table 4 Key recommendations for Court and Probation Services from the Bradley Report Executive Summary (2009)

From: The identification and management of ADHD offenders within the criminal justice system: a consensus statement from the UK Adult ADHD Network and criminal justice agencies

- Information on an individual's mental health or learning disability needs should be obtained prior to an Anti-Social Behaviour Order or Penalty Notice for Disorder being issued, or for the pre-sentence report if these penalties are breached.
- The Crown Prosecution Service should review the use of conditional cautions for individuals with mental health problems or learning disabilities and issue guidance to advise relevant agencies.
- Immediate consideration should be given to extending to vulnerable defendants the provisions currently available to vulnerable witnesses.
- Courts, health services, the Probation Service and the Crown Prosecution Service should work together to agree a local service level agreement for the provision of psychiatric reports and advice to the courts.
- The judiciary should undertake mental health and learning disability awareness training.
- Liaison and diversion services should form close links with the judiciary to ensure that they have adequate information about the mental health and learning disabilities of defendants, and concerning local health and learning disability services.
- All probation staff (including those based within courts and approved premises) should receive mental health and learning disability awareness training.
- Further work should be undertaken to ensure better implementation of the Care Programme Approach for people with mental health problems in prisons, to ensure continuity of treatment through the prison gate.