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Table 1 Results of the Principal Components Analysis (followed by Varimax rotation) applied to the 16 items data collected in 5160 population sample

From: Personal stigma and use of mental health services among people with depression in a general population in Finland

People with depression have caused their problems themselves.2 0.68    
Depression is a sign of failure.2 0.68    
Depressed people should pull themselves together.2 0.67    
Mental health problems are a sign of weakness and sensitivity.2 0.61    
Depression is not a real disorder.2 0.59    
Patients suffering from mental illnesses are unpredictable.2 0.31    
If one tells about his/her mental problems, all friends will leave him/her.1   0.67   
If the employer finds out that the employee is suffering from mental illness, the employment will be in jeopardy.1   0.64   
The professionals in health care do not take mental problems seriously.1   0.59   
Depression can be considered as a shameful and stigmatizing disease.2   0.57   
It is difficult to talk with a person who suffers from mental illness.   0.45   0.31
Antidepressants are not addictive.2    -0.78  
Antidepressants have plenty of side effects.2    0.68  
Society should invest more in community care instead of hospital care.2     -0.81
Depression can't be treated.2 0.37    0.39
You don't recover from mental problems.2 0.32 0.34   0.39
  1. 1 Statements refer to perceived public stigma/stereotype awareness.
  2. 2 Statements refer to personal stigma/stereotype agreement