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Table 1 Comparison of EMPowerplus ingredients with Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (ULs)

From: Systematic review of safety and tolerability of a complex micronutrient formula used in mental health


Amount in a typical

therapeutic dose,

15 capsules daily


Vitamin A

5,760 IU

10,000 IU

Vitamin C

600 mg

2,000 mg

Vitamin D

1,440 IU

2,000 IU

Vitamin E

360 IU

1,500 IU

Vitamin B1

18 mg

none set

Vitamin B2

13.5 mg

none set

a Vitamin B3

90 mg

35 mg

Vitamin B5

21.6 mg

none set

Vitamin B6

36 mg

100 mg

b Folate

1,440 mcg

1,000 mcg

Vitamin B-12

900 mcg

none set

Vitamin H

1,080 mcg

none set


1,320 mg

2,500 mg


840 mg

4,000 mg

c Magnesium

600 mg

350 mg


240 mg

none set


204 mcg

1,100 mcg

d Zinc

48 mg

40 mg


204 mcg

400 mcg


7.2 mg

10 mg


9.6 mg

11 mg


624 mcg

none set


144 mcg

2,000 mcg


13.74 mg

45 mg

  1. Plus a proprietary formula of dl-phenylalanine, glutamine, citrus bioflavonoids, grape seed extract, choline bitartrate, inositol, ginkgo biloba, methionine, germanium sesquioxide, boron, vanadium, nickel.
  2. For four ingredients, the amount in the full daily dose exceeds the tolerable upper intake levels (UL) set by the National Academy of Sciences:
  3. a The B3 (niacinamide) UL was set at 35 mg to prevent skin flushing, and is not based on a safety concern. The EMP+ B3 exceeds that UL, but there have been no reports of skin flushing problems in people taking this formula up to this point.
  4. b The folate UL was set at 1 mg to prevent masking a vitamin B12 deficiency. But of course, vitamin B12 deficiencies are unlikely to occur in someone taking this formula, because of the B12 content.
  5. c The magnesium UL of 350 mg was set because of concerns regarding diarrhea, but there do not appear to be any safety concerns.
  6. d The zinc UL is set at 40 mg, but the primary safety concern is that higher levels may result in an imbalance of copper. This is unlikely to occur in someone taking this formula, because of the copper content.