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Table 3 Baseline and Post-study frequencies of depressive symptoms

From: Treating postnatal depressive symptoms in primary care: a randomised controlled trial of GP management, with and without adjunctive counselling

  Treatment Condition A
(Routine management)
Treatment Condition B
(CBT-counselling with nurse)
Treatment Condition C
(CBT-counselling psychologist)
*below: above threshold 1:22 2:19 0:21
*below: above threshold 8:7 16:1 13:4
Absolute Risk (probability of being above threshold post-treatment) 0.47 0.06 0.24
Relative Risk compared to Routine management (95% CIs) 1 (reference value) 0.13 (0.02 -0.91) 0.5 (0.18-1.4)
  1. *For frequency analysis, BDI-II scores ≥14 were classed as 'above-threshold'