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Table 3 Clinical characteristics associated with remission at 5-year follow-up- multivariate analysis

From: Insight, psychopathology, explanatory models and outcome of schizophrenia in India: a prospective 5-year cohort study

Model and Variables Multivariate statistics1
OR 95% CI
Model for baseline data: 2
Residence –urban 19.14 2.07-176.99
Fluctuating course of initial illness 5.16 1.66-16.02
Model for variables at 6-months: 2
Fluctuating course of initial illness 2.54 1.03- 6.26
GAF score 2.74 1.20- 6.25
Model for variables at 12-months: 2
Residence –urban 11.92 1.38-103.30
BPRS score 0.14 0.04-0.44
Model for variables at 60-months: 2
BPRS score 0.008 0.000-0.17
SAI-E score 16.53 1.50-182.60
At least one non medical explanatory model present 18.69 1.60-218.95
  1. BPRS- Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale; SAI-E- Schedule for Assessment of Insight-Expanded; PANSS- Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale; OR- Odds Ratio; 95%CI- 95% Confidence Interval for Odds Ratio; 1- logistic regression; 2- Statistically significant variables, on bivariate analysis, at specific point in time plus significant baseline variables (sex, residence, no. of meals/day, duration of untreated psychosis, fluctuating course of initial illness) included in the model.