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Table 2 Summary of Article Characteristics

From: Effective lifestyle interventions to improve type II diabetes self-management for those with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder: a systematic review

Author Year Location Study Design Length of Intervention Sample Size Mean Participant Characteristics Location Type of Intervention
Lindenmayer et al. 2009 US retrospective, no control group 12 months 275 (72 diabetes) mean age: 44.25, 78.5% had a psychotic disorder Inpatient Psychoeducation
Teachout et al. 2011 US pre-test post-test, no control group 6 months 13 mean age: 45, 85% had a psychotic disorder, Inpatient Diabetes Education
McKibbin et al. 2006 US RCT 6 months 64 mean age: 53, all had a psychotic disorder Outpatient Psychoeducation
McKibbin et al. 2010 US RCT 12 month follow-up 52 mean age: 52.4, all had a psychotic disorder Outpatient Psychoeducation
  1. RCT = Randomized Control Trial